An unexpected and

funny beginning

The entrepreneurial vision of our founders led them to create a software house based in Germany, along with an office of developers located in Havana, running the 2014th. From the beginning to the present day, the north star of this venture’s purpose has been to connect talented Cuban people with the rest of the world, by finding interesting projects to be developed by the right engineering team, resulting in outstanding products. Aleph Engineering has risen on the grounds of respect for the diversity of authentic and talented people from all around. We offer an unmatched combination of exceptional engineering talent, entrepreneurial spirit, and fair costs Our experienced offshore professionals provide high-quality solutions, with European and North American standards, at significantly better prices.

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daily average of nerdy jokes on internal chat
hours dedicated to coding
talents in the pool
commitment to each of our projects
9 %
ping pong balls lost from our rooftop terrace
minutes of phone calls interviews
commitment to each of our projects
9 %
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We focus on results that matter, so you don’t have to deal with information that is not relevant or pay for work that is not needed.


We live an open error culture, because we believe that only with transparency and respect, you can learn from your mistakes.


We are constantly looking for the latest technological developments, because we love innovations and work according to state-of-the-art methods.


We are positive and spread optimism in all we do. You will most likely have a lot of fun working with us, promised.


Coding is our passion – you will never need to worry about the quality of our code, we already do.

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