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Under development


12/2019 – ongoing


IT Provider & Software Development

Project Description

Digital Platform for Project Management. It’s philosophy is to provide a streamlined and organized functionality to it’s users, giving them an “it just works out of the box” experience. It integrates a Goals tracker, a Contacts manager, a real-time collaborative Notes editor, a very comprehensive and fast feed system called Updates, and common space for users to share knowledge in the form of template projects with pre-made tasks; all into the same platform and nicely integrated with each other. Take the best of platforms like Asana, Evernote, Apple Notes, Google Docs, and Todoist disitilled into a cohesive and streamlined experience under just one single web platform and add some unique functionalities on top.

  • Modern UI / UX following Google Material design language
  • Seamlessly scales up and down to acomodate user traffic
  • Codebase follows high quality standards and is unit tested
  • Database is properly architected
  • Very fast (5 min) CI/CD pipeline running in Google Cloud allowing huge amounts of iterations per day
  • Two deployment environments (staging, for latest features and up to date development; production, our production releases)

Technologies stack

Customer Description

Alldone GmbH


“The team turned out to be highly motivated with great skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a good atmosphere in the team. You get highly skilled people for very reasonable prices who use all the latest tools & approaches.”

Karsten Wysk

CEO of Alldone GmbH

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