CargoBee Marketplace

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11/2016 – 09/2017


Marketplace for Cargo Logistics

Project Description

Innovative web-based marketplace for Cargo Logistics using a patented double-token tracking process, as well as sophisticated matching algorithms.

Technologies stack

Customer Description

CargoBee Solutions GmbH

Cargo-Bee Solutions GmbH establishes a completely new SaaS logistics solution for highly automated and error-free order processing including payment processing between logistics and transport companies. The vision is a consistent implementation of the Internet of Things in the logistics sector.


“The cooperation went smoothly and the output always met our expectations. The team was controlled from Germany via Jira, Confluence, and Github. The team members interacted with each other in an exemplary manner. It was also possible to upscale and downscale at short notice when needs changed. I can recommend without hesitation the cooperation with this software house.”

Georg Völker

CEO & Founder of CargoBee Solutions GmbH

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