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Our solutions provide the combination of exceptional engineering talent, entrepreneurial spirit and fair costs. High quality solutions, with European and North American standards, at significantly better prices. 

Our approach guarantees an efficient use of time and money, by detecting errors early in the process and anticipating customer needs.

Our developers and designers are proven to deliver outstanding results guided by these principles:  

  • Quality-driven
  • Efficient time management and flexibility
  • Good communication and honesty

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You can count on our precise and flexible cooperation model. It includes all the details about “how we work together” to set up the basis for long-term success. You will benefit from our lived open error culture to solve issues. You can rely on our experience and bring in yours as well! 

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You will profit from our engineers and designers enjoying a list of perks, benefits and culture like those in big companies like Google. Our employees are at the centre of what we do. Their motivation is always high. They are ready to engage intensively and happily in your projects. Do you want to see numbers? The average tenure of our engineers in a project is over 2.5 years.

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You will benefit from our ISTQB Certified personnel and our Agile Quality Gates. Both ensure top-industry level performance and minimal to no loss in speed. In your projects, our Quality Assurance Framework is used. It is compatible with ISO Standards and flexible enough to remain agile and unobtrusive.

You can choose if you want to have our engineers on-site, remote or hybrid. Whatever you choose, we set up the project together and arrange a positive emotional bond to your needs.

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You profit from a number of sourcing methods and a selection from different sources. First we have a look at the available engineers already part of our company. We have a qualified talent pool of over 1,200 applicants who have already passed a series of technical and English language tests.

Let’s get to know each other to change this! You will start an exchange with a partner and developers who are true to their word and whom you feel comfortable trusting.

You can choose

  • Fill out the questionnaire if you already have a project/problem you would like us to assess and give you feedback asap about it. The questions should take you 3-5 minutes of your time.
  • Contact us and ask us the question(s) we should answer before we start exchanging more details

The following steps are an example how the next journey with us looks like:

  1. The questionnaire is the first step of a concrete need we can help you with.
  2. Next you will have a meeting with one of our senior managers to get to know us and exchange further information. 
  3. We will then start searching for the right engineers for your project.
  4. You will receive engineer’s profiles (in case of staff augmentation) or our project estimation (in case of software development).
  5. You will have the opportunity to interview our engineers who are suiting your project to decide if you want to work with them.
  6. A contract will be exchanged between you and us to negotiate details. You can use your contract or we provide you our template.
  7. Part of the contract will be the definition of the project rules, the how we work…

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