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Money-back guarantee

Just like Airbnb and Netflix, we follow a set of established and customer-focused metrics to evaluate the work we do, and the value we deliver to you. If these metrics aren’t met, then you as a customer will receive all the money you paid for the work that was done since the last assessment. We also offer you, the flexibility of choosing how often do you want to execute your risk-reversal rights (1-4 sprints, depending on the length of the project’s sprints).

Mean Time to Repair (MTTR): Measures how the software performs in the production environment. Quantifies how well the software recovers and preserves data. If the MTTR value grows smaller over time, that means developers are becoming more effective in understanding issues, such as bugs, and how to fix them.

SLA: The SLA is the percentage of blocker bugs that the team fixed and deployed within a certain time (e.g., 24 hours for blocker bugs and five days for critical bugs). It gives you a great understanding of your product quality from a user’s standpoint. Is very close to the MTTR, but is not limited to software failures. It extends to any type of bugs.

Defect Removal Efficiency: Used to quantify how many defects were found by the end-user after product delivery in relation to the errors found before product delivery.