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Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Assurance Framework
  • We use GitLab to host the code and to execute the Continuous Integration and Deployment pipelines.
  • Developers code, then they run their local test suite, if all tests are green, then they commit, then they push the code to GitLab and create a merge request.
  • The other developers then proceed to Peer Review that pushes code, if it’s ok then the Merge Request is approved and the code is integrated into the codebase properly.
  • SonarQube is used, which is a tool that automatically goes through your code and finds bad practices and vulnerabilities, etc.
  • GitLab runs all the test suites and stops the pipeline with an error if any test didn’t pass.
  • If all tests pass, then it proceeds with the next phase which is to deploy the resulting codebase depending on the branch, if it’s a development branch then it deploys to a staging environment and if it’s the main / master branch then it deploys to production.