SyroCon AG


Implementation of a backend system for the Management and the Operations of Charge Points for Electric Vehicles

Project Status

Under development


09/2019 – ongoing


Software Development in the Automotive industry

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Project Description

Development of a system for administration and operation of the Charge Point Infrastructure of a large german car manufacturer. The system includes an Angular-based admin frontend and several micro-services to communicate with the Charge Points and the UI.

Technologies stack

Customer Description

Syrocon AG

(Germany, approx. 150 employees): SyroCon AG is a technology consulting and software development company with a strong focus on digital transformation. They design, implement and operate individual software solutions across several industries including Automotive, Travel & Logistics, Telecommunications, and Finance.


“The Project is running very well. The Cuban engineers integrated very smoothly with the rest of the team, came up to speed really quick and successfully took over the existing angular frontend while also suggesting possible improvements proactively. Their level of skills and commitment have been above my expectations. It has proven very valuable that the Cuban members of the team could be enabled to work onsite together with the rest of the team.”

Florian, Business Unit

Florian Pfütze

Business Unit Manager of Syrocon AG